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Supporting Your Kids’ Health Naturally Through Nature

"Bring on the soil bacteria! A developing body benefits from exposure to bacteria found in soil and in nature in...


There is always new research on what helps to makes your body function at its optimum and what might is causing your symptoms, illness, or disease.   Read more...

8 Ways to Prevent a Cold or Flu

Here at Thrive Health, we are focused on being consciously proactive rather than being reactive.  That’s why it is in our best interest to take preventive measures and boost our immune system to stop the flu before it knocks us down.  Here are 8 ways to get you equipped:

Food for Thought: Everything You Need to Know About Fasting

A significant amount of scientific evidence is beginning to suggest that timed periods of fasting may be a good thing. While conventional wisdom tells us that we need to feed our body with a constant supply of nutrients to keep it running steadily at all times, the truth is that fasting has been recognized for its benefits for hundreds, even thousands of years.  Read more here
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