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Hi, my name is Dr. Scott Richmond. I am a doctor, dad, and who some people call “the mold guy.” In 2008, I was diagnosed with mold toxicity, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), chronic Lyme disease, hypothyroid, and heavy metal toxicity.
It all came to a head when our family realized there was mold in our home. After years of hospitalizations and a slow recovery, I became intrigued with understanding the root cause of health issues.
Beyond chiropractic care, I started teaching many of my patients the protocol I used that transformed my health. Women with thyroid issues were getting healthier. Families were detoxing heavy metals from their bodies and finding more energy.
It took years to develop the protocol I now use today in Thrive Health Centers and it all begins with cellular detoxification, which is why many of you have arrived here at Shop Vibrant Life.

Whether you’re a current patient, a first-time visitor, or a firm believer in using high-quality supplements to heal and live optimally, Shop Vibrant Life has a variety of options for you to use in everyday life or as part of a healing protocol.

My hope is that everyone who leaves this store feels a little more equipped to live a vibrant life.

If you’re finding challenges in your health, be sure to visit Thrive Health Centers to learn how you can reclaim your life!

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