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Para 3

Take your immune-boosting protocol to the next level. Para 3 is not just a new combination of herbs to fight pathogens. This new tincture format contains biomolecular oxygen to absorb quickly--even before it even hits the digestive tract. Para 3 is designed to absorb deep into tissues to address pathogens other products can’t. The tincture model allows more specific dosing options, letting you increase/decrease per individual comfort level.

Customer Reviews

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Gabriel Espronceda
Works well

I haven't gotten rid of anything crazy but I have gotten rid of pinworms and other small parasites I did not think I had. It has been about two weeks and I keep getting rid of them. I'm only 23 years old and surprised I've had this many parasites, let alone any at all. Everyone should try Para 3 out because you never really know if you have these things inside of you.
I would want to know if Para 1, 2, and 3 target different specific parasites. I think Para 3 targets parasites in the gut, while the others target them in different areas of the body. I would like more information on this to become a more informed buyer. I haven't seen any other products this effective, Cellcore is a rather unique company when it comes to detoxing the body.

Shannon C
Whole new level of recovery

Worked up to 6 dropper fulls at a time and feel like I've reached a whole new level of healing. This product really helps clear the critters. Although...not a product I would used without months of preparing my body. There is a correct protocol for using all these wonderful tools. Make sure you are informed.

Laura Mae
Para 3

This is good stuff! When I started with a few drops a day it seemed to create a lot of tension. Finally I did a huge increase in dose and my body started getting rid of "foreign objects", not exactly sure what the objects are, except they were surely a huge hindrance to health and well being! Glad to get rid of them!

Removing unwanted guests from the body, which cause all sorts of symptoms

These products are very effective in removing parasites and are synergistically compatible with my body’s needs. Many of the parasites can be seen visually, upon exit. They are large; (1”-4’ Long) and (1/4” -2-3” Wide). Many different shapes and disgusting to see, however better out than in.
I’ve realized these parasites have caused all my discomfort; pain in all joints, all muscles, brain difficulties, pain in bottoms of feet bronchitis through the years, sinus infections, intense exhaustion/thyroid and adrenal issues, extreme itching and much nausea all the time... for more than 50 years of my life (off & on).
Drs never found what was causing my symptoms and at different times I almost gave up looking into what was causing my body to shut down. I’m not sure how I kept functioning. One comment from a nurse when having bloodwork done was that my white cell count was through the roof. When I asked what would do this, her answer was “your body is fighting an infection”. Another nurse once told me my body was fighting a virus. And in my twenties when trying to give blood to a friend at a hospital, the Dr told me’ “never give blood to any one”. When I asked why, he told me I would kill someone with my blood... I’m O+. Never found out why he said that, but possibly it’s one type of parasite I have?
It’s worth the fight of removing them, even though at times, as they exit, the symptoms they caused by being in the body are intensified. Charcoal helps with the nausea, pain in joints and muscle aches and spasms, headaches, much inflammation everywhere as well as the intense itching. All symptoms seem to move about freely from one part of the body to another, and at times will incapacitate a body part from use due to the pain and inflammation.
I liken the symptoms of removal to those same symptoms as when you’ve had a flu shot, immunization injection for measles, small pox or DPT etc. Or the Sam symptoms that you get from having a Virus, EBV, Herpes, bacteri...