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You know that pathogens like to hide deep in your tissues. They hide from your immune system and throw a wrench into your detox pathways. IS-BORR is a new way to address both of these issues. The herbs in this liquid formula work synergistically to boost your immune system function. They also work together to kickstart detoxification that may have stalled because of infection. Their anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties act in concert to reduce inflammation and lower parasitic load. This team of 21 herbs provides potent antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, giving your body the environment it needs to restore optimal health. Because IS-BORR is a liquid, it is easy to take and you can work your way up in dose as you feel the need to.

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Fred Puerner

Borrelia Is one of the causitive agents that promote Lyme disease in humans. It is a bacteria that is difficult to treat with antibiotics. My research shows that herbal remedies seem to be the most effective in keeping it under control. The proof is in using this blend of herbs and see how they work for you. I feel that it works for me. I like to repeat the treatment once a year to keep the bugs at bay.

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