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Support digestive function, nutrient absorption, energy production, and immunity with CT-Zyme.* This proprietary blend of 11 digestive enzymes – including bromelain, cellulase, amylase, and beta glucanase — assist the body in digesting high-fiber and nutrient dense foods, such as beans, fruit, grains, lentils, and vegetables.* 

Each enzyme in CT-Zyme functions at a specific pH, which makes the enzymes effective at every stage of digestion as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract.

When taken with meals, CT-Zyme acts as a digestive enzyme. When taken 1-2 hours away from food, it acts as a proteolytic enzyme.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Saralee Peterson
Happy tummy

I always feel better when my meal includes CT-Zyme!

Laura Mae
Love CT-Zyme

I don't exactly know what CT-Zyme is doing for me. I just know that I had a lot of trouble with what I called "liver plugs". Whatever that was, has basically stopped since I am taking CT-Zyme! Am I grateful for CT-Zyme? Very much so!

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