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One scoop in the morning provides all the nutrients you need to support more beautiful skin and balanced hunger hormones. Designed to support, Beautiful tight Skin, Nails, Hair, and a tight lean body.
KEOTone activity is all about Harnessing the power of the human microbiome to balance hunger hormones and improve skin radiance and beauty while reducing the appearance of cellulite.


This specific blend of Collagen peptide supplementation has beneficial effects on the dermal extracellular matrix of the skin and can help to decrease cellulite. Contrary to current cellulite supplements that mainly address the aspects of excessive fat or microcirculation/drainage, KeoTone directly stimulates the extracellular matrix formation in skin giving you tighter more beautiful skin, shimmering nails and lustrous hair.

+ Tight Beautiful Skin
+ Strong Shimmering Nails
+ Long Lustrous Hair

Fibersmart Non-Gmo Vegetable Fiber

A important food for your bacteria is a sub group of vegetable fibers called non soluble prebiotic fibers. We use a blend of vegetable fibers specifically designed to improve your probiotic functions.

+ Prebiotic Fiber Support
+ Lean Body

Ohtaka Fermented Prebiotic Super Food:

Probiotics live in communities and some probiotics make food for other probiotics as well as key nutrients for your body. That’s why the right probiotics can aid in balancing hormones that tell your body to stay lean and help support a more healthy appetite. Your probiotics even help play a part in helping you crave healthier foods. That’s why we used a special fermentation and extraction of over 50 superfoods with the right probiotics to help feed your good probiotics in your body. The best part is that some of the foods are broken down and already contain some of the metabolic compounds to help your body get lean faster. These probiotics used in the initial fermentation also produce substances that help your body maintain healthy insulin signaling such as Indolepropionic acid and other key signaling molecules.

+ Satiety
+ Hormone Balance
+ Lean Body


5 billion CFU
(Bacillus Subtilis HU58, Bacillus Coagulans HC, Bacillus Clausii) This specific combination of probiotics have the most researched clinical efficacy on metabolism and satiety. When these bacteria consume the probiotics provided in KeoTone they produce critical pieces of what your body needs to balance hunger hormones and trigger your lean body metabolism.

+ Satiety
+ Hormone Balance
+ Lean Body

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    Raspberry and Chocolate Keotone

    Posted by Elaine Earnshaw on 0505/2525/18181818

    Both the raspberry and the Chocolate Keotone shakes taste very good as well as being a healthy way to start the day.

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