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BioMolecular Oxygen

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BioMolecular Oxygen


Directions: begin with 1-3 drops per day 

May be used in a nebulizer


Oxygen is necessary for life--we all know this. It can do so much for our bodies in the wellness process: healing organs, helping us overcome biotoxins, and providing support to vital body functions, including brain function. Getting oxygen to the right places and leveraging its ability to heal has always been an obstacle.


CellCore Biosciences has figured out how to stabilize biomolecular oxygen, overcoming the greatest challenge in delivering oxygen to the body--the fact that normal oxygen immediately dissipates. It has trouble getting to where you need it to support and promote healing and wellness before that dissipation happens.

The stabilization process gets your body the oxygen it needs--where it needs it.


With Biomolecular Oxygen, you have an easy-to-use liquid. You can start with 5-10 drops, mixed in with whatever liquid you may already be drinking: water, juice, even your favorite smoothie.

Whether you’re drinking sixteen ounces or six, you can mix in Biomolecular Oxygen without issue. The impact on taste is imperceptible to most, and you can work your way up to 25 drops, multiple times per day as needed.


While Biomolecular Oxygen provides the overall health benefits of healing, promoting the body’s ability to rid itself of biotoxins, and absorption of free radicals, perhaps one of the most universal benefits is as a support to any health and wellness protocol at the outset.

Biomolecular Oxygen is excellent as a calming agent, calming the body down, which is especially helpful for those who are very sensitive or tend to react to various things.

It’s a high-energy molecule that truly helps heal the body.

CellCore Biosciences’ Molecular Oxygen provides the overall health benefits of healing, promoting the body’s ability to rid itself of.

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    Amazing results!

    Posted by Pam Biddle on 0808/2727/18181818

    I have been applying this to my shoulders several times a day. It has helped so much with the pain. Simply amazing.

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